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The Rumor Page

Welcome to the Rumor Page, where the City dispels rumors and corrects misinformation. 

If you hear rumors in the community that you believe should be corrected, please contact the City Public Information Manager at

Rumor: The City Council is considering changing the City Seal/Logo (March 2021).
Fact: False. The issue came up in a public comment. People are free to comment on any item relating to City government at any meeting of the City Council. Because the issue of the City Seal/Logo is not on an upcoming City Council agenda, by law, the Council will not be discussing or voting on the item.

Rumor: City offices are all closed during the pandemic.(updated March 2021)
Fact: False. Most departments' public counters are now reopen. You may check on the status at

(updated March 2021)
Rumor: Homelessness is increasing in Santa Maria.
Fact: Unknown. The most recent survey of homelessness (the 2020 Point in Time Count) found that Santa Maria had 382 homeless individuals, down from the 464 counted in the 2019 survey. No such census took place in January 2021 due to the pandemic.  The City of Santa Maria partners with the Northern Santa Barbara County United Way (based in Santa Maria) to respond to the rise in homelessness seeking to shelter the most vulnerable, assure compliance with State and local laws, and address impacts to and from the homeless community.  The issue is much larger than what we see in Santa Maria. Governments, business, and nonprofit across the state are pursuing remedies to address the growth of homelessness.

Rumor: Santa Maria is going to district elections. (February 2017)
Fact: True. For information, go this webpage.

Rumor: Santa Maria is a sanctuary city. This is false.
Fact: Santa Maria is not a sanctuary city. The City has never made a decision to approve a resolution, ordinance, or other action to implement a sanctuary city policy. The City has repeatedly asked a person in Ohio to remove the City from his list of sanctuary cities. In October 2017, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to create a statewide sanctuary policy effective January 1, 2018. This limits whom State and local law enforcement agencies can hold, question, and transfer at the request of Federal immigration authorities.