Finance Department

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City Hall Annex
206 E. Cook Street
Santa Maria, Ca 93454 


harvey_mary_2016MARY HARVEY

Director of Finance
City Hall Annex
206 E. Cook Street
Santa Maria, Ca 93454
City Phone: (805) 925-0951 ext. 2214 
City Fax: (805) 925-2243




  • Master of Business Administration (University of La Verne)
  • Bachelor of Science - Business Administration (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo)
  • Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts (Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria)
  • Director, Department of Finance, City of Santa Maria
  • Accounting and Budget Manager, Finance Division, City of Santa Maria
  • Acting Director, Department of Administrative Services, City of Santa Maria
  • Accounting Manager, City of Santa Maria
  • Senior Finance Specialist, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company


  • Government Finance Officers Association
  • California Society of Municipal Finance Officers


The Director of Finance is responsible for a comprehensive program of administrative and financial activities, including accounting, budgeting, treasury/investments, business license, purchasing/accounts payable, utility billing, accounts receivable, and payroll.  



To provide the highest level of service to the residents, City Council and other City departments, within the adopted budget, and to provide accurate and timely financial information, quality customer service in utility billing, and fiscally sound cash management.

2021-22 Goals and Objectives 

  1. In collaboration with a consultant, create a Request for Proposal for a Municipal Enterprise Resource Planning system as well as make a vendor selection.
  2. Optimize technology to improve interdepartmental process efficiencies for payroll timesheets received and imported into Eden.
  3. Finalize updates to Unfunded Pension Liability and Fund Balance policies confirming the City Council’s long and short-term goals for each.
  4. Coordinate with the Library and conduct an independent audit of the Library branch program to ensure branch costs are accurately reported and in compliance with adopted Agreement for Operation of a Countywide Library System.
  5. In accordance with the City’s Purchasing Guidelines, select a consulting firm to update the City’s Cost Allocation Plan ensuring the indirect cost and allocation methodologies are accurate and compliant with Federal guidelines for reimbursement purposes.
  6. Select a consulting firm to assist in the implementation of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement No. 87, Leases, in accordance with the City’s Purchasing Guidelines.
  7. In collaboration with other Departments, develop standardized agreement for solid waste roll off franchise program to benefit the community, generate additional City revenues, and protect the interests of the City.
  8. Collaborate with the Community Development Department to implement an online business license application process to better serve the business community.
  9. Identify a scalable assignment of budget development workloads and improve budget forms associated with the budget process to promote accuracy and efficiency of submissions and compilation of the budget document.
  10. Update the Procurement Credit Card Policy and Procedures to align with industry best practices, to streamline automation, promote efficient transaction processing and to meet auditing standards. 

Finance Department Organizational Chart