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The mission of the Purchasing Division is to procure equipment, material, supplies, contractual services and equipment maintenance in a timely, efficient, and effective manner, and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and City policies. We appreciate your interest in doing business with us, and welcome the opportunity to have you as a vendor.

If you are interested in being placed on the City's Vendor List for goods and services, please fax or mail a completed vendor application to:

City of Santa Maria
Attn: Purchasing Division
Finance Department
206 E. Cook Street,
Santa Maria, CA 93454-5190
Fax (805) 925-2243

1.  Organization of City Purchasing - The purchase of goods and services is administered by the Department of Administrative Services

2.  How to do Business with the City - The Purchasing Division should be your first contact. Staff will acquaint you with the City's purchasing guidelines.

3.  Who to Contact - The Purchasing Division's business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Purchasing Division staff may be contacted by telephone at (805) 925-0951 ext. 2215 or by email at purchasing@cityofsantamaria.org. It is appreciated if sales representatives would schedule appointments to meet with Purchasing Division staff. Contact with other City staff may be arranged contacting the Purchasing staff.

4.  Policies and Procedures - The City purchases in compliance with City of Santa Maria and State of California Codes. When bidding, submit your lowest and only quotation, keeping in mind that competitive bidding is solicited.

5.  Methods of Procurement - When procurement estimates exceed $5,000 the written bid procedure is used unless emergency or hardship conditions prevail, sole source is substantiated, or there are necessary restrictions in specifications. On all other items, prices are obtained through telephone and written quotations. Telephone quotations are essential, especially in the City's locale, due to the time required for mail delivery. Vendors wanting to remain on the City's list of bidders should return their "Request for Bids" even if they are unable to quote.

6.  Telephone Quotations - When contacted for a telephone quote, vendors are required to provide a firm price, delivery time and cash terms. When awarded, City staff will give the successful bidder the purchase order number.

7.  List of Bidders - The City of Santa Maria does not keep a formal list of bidders. Bid lists are developed at the time bids are issued. If you are interested in conducting business with the City, complete and return the City's Vendor Application Form to:

City of Santa Maria
Purchasing Division
206 E. Cook Street
Santa Maria, CA 93454-5190

8.  Specified Materials or Equivalents - In many cases, whenever a particular material or process is specified in the form of a patent, proprietary name, trade or brand name, or by the name of a manufacturer the wording is for the purpose of facilitating the material description or process required or fixing the standard of quality required and shall be considered modified by the following words "or equal." Bidders offering any material or process shall provide the equivalent of the specifications to show that the offered items are equal to the items required by the City.

9.  Cash Discounts - Cash discounts are not considered in evaluating bids.

10.  Purchase Orders and Changes to Purchase Orders - After an award is granted, a purchase order is issued. Acknowledgement copies are not required. Orders are expected to be filled in accordance with City specifications and vendor accepted proposals. If for any reason orders cannot be completed in accordance with City specifications and vendor accepted proposals contact the Purchasing Division immediately by telephone or mail.

11.  Inspection - All items furnished are subject to thorough inspection. Any item found unsatisfactory or that does not meet specification may be rejected. Vendors should eliminate any items that do not meet specifications before offering the lot.