Park Updates

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Chapel Plaza Rehabilitation Project
Corner of North Pine Street and West Chapel Street

Update as of June 18, 2021:
Chapel Plaza will create pleasing landscaping; multi-use parking/recreational venue; neighborhood gathering place. Complete with a stage, lighting, seating and game/musical areas for recreation and leisure activities, and social services for the community. The Plaza will be open daily for public use and for planned recreation events in the evening to include food trucks, concerts, recitals, presentations, and drop in “Family Fun Nights.” 

The City of Santa Maria will be developing “Chapel Plaza” a $675,000 rehabilitation project for the 39,625-square-foot under-utilized parking lot located at 208, 210, 216, and 224 Chapel Street and maintained by the City. The project is funded by a Community Development Block Grant.

Chapel Plaza 2 

Rodenberger Park
2725 Santa Barbara Drive

Update as of September 1, 2021:
The new playground has been built and established. Remaining project pieces include installing the protective floor underneath the playground.

Rodenberger Park update

Update as of June 8, 2021:
The demolition/removal of the old playground has been completed.

Rodenberger Park 06.08.21 

Update as of May, 18, 2021:

Rodenberger Park will be receiving a new playground structure. The new playground is vibrant and includes a variety of slides and a swing set for children ages 5 to 12 years of age to enjoy. The existing playground was fenced off on Monday, May 17th. Recreation and Parks Department staff have begun the demolition/removal of the old playground. 

Rodenberger Park 1 05.18.21 

 Rodenberger Park 2 05.18.21


Russell Park
1000 West Church Street

Update as of December 5, 2020:
All renovations to the park have been completed and the park is now open to the public.

Russell Park 1

Update as of October 13, 2020:

The major makeover of Russell Park is complete, and the property will reopen to the public when reseeded grass can withstand foot traffic. The lawn was recently planted from seed and will undergo an establishment of 60- 90 days. The park is now equipped with new and improved amenities including a new playground, new restrooms, new energy-efficient lighting, water-wise colorful landscaping accompanied by a new and improved irrigation system, a decomposed granite trail, and upgraded concrete paths along with on-and-off site accessibility improvements

Two photos of the completed renovation of Russell Park:

Russell Park 1














Russell Park 2 


Update as of September 4, 2020:
Renovations at Russell Park are underway and scheduled to be finalized by December 2020. The park’s new playground and swing set is now in place, guarantying hours of fun for all kids. The park’s bathroom and all sidewalks have been installed along with the necessary utility connections. The electrical work will be completed within the week of September 7th.  The irrigation work and planting is currently in its final stages to allow for full hydro seeds to be planted on the week of September 21st.  After the seed planting is complete, 60-90 days will be allowed to pass to ensure the lawn is properly established.



New playground has been installed.
Russell Park - Playground

New bathroom and sidewalks have been installed.
Russell Park - Bathroom


Harvest Glen Park
Sonya Lane & Western Avenue

On September 1, 2020 the park was named after Robert “Bobby” Acquistapace for his commitment and contribution to community youth recreation.

Acquistapace Park 1

Update as of April 3, 2021:
All park construction has been completed and the park is now open to the public.

Update as of September 4, 2020:
The construction of the newest City Park is well underway. Recent installations include, two half-court Basketball courts, a bathroom and a large and innovative playground. Ongoing work that will be completed during the month of September includes the paving of the parking lot and driveway as well as the irrigation system for the park.



New basketball courts have been installed.
Harvest Glen Park - Basketball Courts

New playground has been installed.

Harvest Glen Park - Playground