Soil Disposal - Clean

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The Santa Maria Regional Landfill accepts clean soil (pure soil, dirt, sod, or sand-type materials) to use as landfill cover material. All disposed waste must be covered at the end of each day to control odors, vectors, fires, litter, and scavenging. Federal regulations require a minimum of six inches of earthen materials as daily cover. Using soil as daily cover requires either excavating material from a borrow area at the landfill site or importing material from off-site.


Clean Soil Loads less than 10 cubic yards

  • Advanced approval not required.
  • Accepted at no charge during regular operating landfill hours.
  • Customers must be weighed at the Scalehouse before unloading.


    Clean Soil Loads equal to or greater than 10 cubic yards

  • Advanced approval required.
  • This approval process is to ensure the soil is non-hazardous and can be used as landfill cover material.
  • Submit a signed disposal request letter and laboratory analytical results to the Utilities Department prior to delivering the load to the site.

A determination is typically made within two business days after receipt of the request. If the soil meet the requirements for use as landfill cover material, an approval letter will be sent to the requester. The approval letter must be presented at the Scalehouse for each incoming load from the site.

The City reserves the right to request load samples and/or additional sampling with City personnel may be required.

In accordance with Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR) 66260.200 (c), it is a generator’s responsibility to determine whether their waste is hazardous. A generator who incorrectly determines that a hazardous waste is non-hazardous and handles the waste as so will be subject to enforcement, clean-up actions, and/or fines. Additional fees will also be assessed for personnel and equipment time related to the incorrect determination.

Soil that tests non-hazardous but has high levels of total petroleum hydrocarbons will not be able to be used as landfill cover. However, these material types may qualify for the City’s Non-hazardous Hydrocarbon Impacted Soils (NHIS) Program.

Questions regarding Clean Soil Disposal may be directed to the Solid Waste Division at (805) 925-0951 ext. 7270.


Radioactive materials, including decommissioned materials, are NOT accepted at the Santa Maria Regional Landfill. The landfill has a hazardous waste exclusion program in place, which includes recorded videos of all incoming loads and load inspections on the working face of the site.